Experience the Harmony of a Hawaiian Master Massage

The most comprehensive massage session offered, the Hawaiian or "lomi lomi" massage is rooted in ancient ritualistic therapy traditions. Hawaiian massage rejuvenates the mind, body and spiritual energy by removing negative patterns, behaviors and emotions and instilling a sense of harmony from head to toe.

The tradition of many Hawaiian healers was for the session to last as long as the body was receptive, until the work was completed. In modern times, session length also varies - often lasting more than a couple hours - and requires a person to be able to set aside additional time post-treatment to allow themselves to fully process the physical, spiritual and emotional shift experienced.

Lomi Lomi vs. Other Massage Techniques

Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage is founded on the belief that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are part of one "whole" self. To achieve harmony, energy blockages must be removed whether from physical muscle tension or an idea or belief. Traditionally the practice combines movement, chant and prayer to restore energy flow. Varying "styles" were passed down Hawaiian family lineages for generations, but all forms were rooted in Aloha (and the way of life it connotes), and relied on the intuition of the "healer" or practitioner to return the person to harmony and balance. The focus of the practitioner on the client is as important as the technique. Lomi lomi is also known as "loving hands" massage, which emphasizes this nurturing nature of the practice. Each session is unique.

Temple Style

There are a few specific "styles" of lomi lomi that have widely been passed on to non-Hawaiians. My foundation is in "Temple Style" lomi lomi, also known as Kahuna Bodywork, that was shared with the public by Kahuna Abraham Kawaii "Kahu". He was the disciple of numerous native healers and Kahuna (experts in the field) and graciously unified their teachings before his passing in 2004.

In "Temple Style" lomi lomi, strokes tend to be long and flowing, intertwined with moments of focused attention. Gentle stretches and movement of the body are incorporated as well.

It has been my blessing to have trained in a number of other styles and techniques since my initial training. Like ancient Hawaiian healers who, over time, learned to use new techniques, hot rocks and other tools, I too synthesize all the knowledge and experience I have obtained to provide the most benefit to each client.


Lomi Lomi typically uses less draping than other types of massage. This is to remove barriers to the long, flowing motions of the massage and allow me to work on more than one area of the body at a time. However, the level of draping will always be adjusted to your comfort level.


Please contact me with any questions, and to book this incredible experience now.