Benefit More Deeply

In Office or Mobile

With mobile massage you can reduce stress both before and after your massage and continue the restorative process long after your session has ended. There's also something extra alleviating about being in the comfort and privacy of your own home or vacation rental.

Integrative & Client-Centered
Massage Therapy

The goal is to provide a relaxing and nurturing experience with every session.



Focusing on your needs whether it's a repetitive strain injury, a mobility issue or something in between.


Providing a gentle yet skilled touch to effectively reduce tension and alleviate pain.


It”s all about working with your body to facilitate balance and promote healing.


Straightforward Pricing

In Office Session

60 minutes - $120

75 minutes - $140

90 minutes - $160

2 hours - $220

Specific area treatments:

30 minutes - $70


*Please see Mobile Massage page for travel rates

Benefit from this ancient treatment as a focal session, or incorporate into any massage

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Using a variety of Hawaiian massage styles to harnesses the healing power of "loving hands."

learn about Hawaiian Master

This addition of heat can be used with any massage to quickly ease tension and more...

Therapeutic grade essential oils; Aromatherapy is highly beneficial, can be integrative or a stand alone therapy.




"Rayna has been my pre-surgical pre-hab and post surgical rehab. I’ve had a back surgery and two joint replacements and always look forward to returning to Maui because of the rapid progress my body makes with Rayna’s wide-ranging knowledge of how it all works."


"Having had an aggressive international work travel schedule for 28 years combined with an athletically active and on-the-edge lifestyle, I have both needed and have had the good fortune to experience many forms of therapeutic and relaxing massage on multiple continents. With the benefit of this broad exposure to so many different styles, skills and modalities, I can conclusively and emphatically state that therapy provided by Rayna Strike is unsurpassable. I was introduced to Rayna by another client of hers. She was working with him and with members of his family. At that time, I was well into an aggressive 3-a-day training regimen with a personal trainer as I prepared to be in the best shape of my life... at the age of 60. Needless to say, my body was showing signs of stress! Then, Rayna entered the picture and I immediately experienced the overwhelming benefit of the breadth and depth of her skills. Not only did I recover more quickly, I was able to come down from the adrenaline high more rapidly and effectively, which further benefitted me in the form of improved sleep quality, further aiding my recovery. Employing multiple modalities including deep tissue massage, stretching, manipulation and cupping, Rayna was nothing short of a miracle worker on this body of mine! Words do not adequately express the quality of what Rayna offers or my appreciation and respect for her mastery. She is absolutely the best!"


"I have to say I ‘m from Tucson Arizona and through a friend of mine that lives in Maui Hawaii told me about an amazing woman that can do the best massage and cupping. I must say I would go back to Maui just to have Rayna work on my well being, plus she’ll come to you. Can’t wait til next time. Made my flight home amazing. ?"


"Rayna is a true healer through massage. She works spiritually, physically, and intuitively to heal the areas of your body that need to be improved. Her massage allows all of your body functions to flow more easily: from blood and oxygen circulation, to the energy moving through your chakras, to your joint flexibility. I highly recommend a two hour massage for the most benefit."


"After a lot of travel and a long weekend of golfing I had a stiff neck and pain in my knees. I received my first experience of cupping massage w Rayna and felt like I was floating at the end. My neck moved freer and my knees didn’t hurt. Love the style of her work."


"Rayna has worked on me for many years and although I’m sure I’m not one of her more complex clients I do present challenges having a torn ACL and a herniated disk accompanied by a crushed nerve root. The pain associated from these injuries plus a very active lifestyle have often left me with a high degree of pain. What separates Rayna from other therapists I’ve seen is her unique ability to assess the situation at that point in time and treat it accordingly as opposed to just looking at it as something chronic and doing standard cookie cutter expected work. Beyond the massage therapy she has also helped me to heal through specific excersises, lifestyle choices and even spiritual information. Over the years this has helped me to feel better on more just a temporary basis. She’s the real deal, she’s had a big impact on my wellbeing."


"It is not enough to describe a session with Rayna as a massage. It is a therapeutic unwinding and resetting of the body while addressing problematic areas. One cannot escape the sense of quiet calm and comfort at the end. Much mahalo Rayna for sharing your knowledge and gift of touch."


"Rayna, I can’t tell you how Lucky I feel that I was at the right place at the right time to be able to experience two session of your healing massage. I have lived with chronic pain for years and have had many healers work on me but I must say your presence and technique is beyond compare. When you lifted the cups I could actually feel the release and the pain flow out. I look forward to having another session when you come to Washington state in the future. Rayna thank you so very much.


"I never knew that a massage could feel so good. Rayna is the best!"


"I've had so many massages over the years, that being said wow, my appointment with Rayna opened up a new amazing experience. Leaving Maui today. I asked her if I could put her in my suitcase. Not sure if I'll ever have such a complete letting go of tight muscles, knots, and a all over release again unless I follow her back here. Anyone reading this review and has the opportunity to see her. Don't hesitate! You'll love it!!!