How I Work

My work typically consists of a blend of therapies. Depending on your individual needs, your massage therapy session may center on muscle health recovery, improving range of motion, pain relief, increasing circulation, relaxation or any combination of results that will support your overall well-being and provide you with a desired outcome.

You do not need to choose which "type" of massage to order. Prior to getting started, I will spend a few moments talking with you to discover your needs and what treatment will be best for you at the time.



I have been utilizing the therapeutic benefits of cupping since 2010, and often recommend incorporating cupping with other hands-on manual techniques. Used in conjunction with other massage treatments, I find cupping to be a useful tool that provides a different sensation and function and improves overall results. While utilizing stationary cupping I’m free to work on other areas of the body - it’s like having two therapists in one session working multiple areas at one time!

The effectiveness of cupping is very dependent on the level of training the therapist has. I have done continuous training with the International Cupping Therapy Association and studied with fellow colleagues of acupuncture.


How I Help

I provide high quality massage therapy services to a wide range of clients. My many years of training spans a broad spectrum of therapies from medical massage, including orthopedic massage to wellness massage, sports massage, reflexology and other forms of bodywork.

You can learn more about me here.

I draw on this diverse set of techniques to help anyone experiencing an imbalance or stress on the body, whether physical, mental or emotional. This includes assistance with:

  • Body Awareness
  • Damaged Tissue
  • Injuries (chronic/repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, injuries from an accident - sprains, strains)
  • Pain relief from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain etc
  • Poor circlulation
  • Improve sports performance, range of motion
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Management
  • General Wellness
Are you new to massage therapy?

Whether you recently experienced an injury, are suddenly feeling the effects of aging or just want to relieve some stress, you might be interested in learning more about this age-old remedy.


Ready to Book an Appointment?

Please note I book all new customers over the phone.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Choosing a Space

Please make sure your location meets the following requirements:

  • Provides access to a bathroom with running water
  • The space you have chosen for your massage is large enough for a massage table with room to comfortably move around the table (even if we have to move some light furniture)

I will bring everything else required for your massage including a massage table, clean sheets and oils.

Getting Yourself Ready

There are no preparations needed prior to your massage, but in order to fully take advantage of your session and receive the full benefits of your treatment, plan to allow yourself time to continue to unwind and relax after your session is complete (if possible don't schedule anything that could alter the body's restorative process).

Should You Experience Your Massage Session Clothed or Unclothed?

Choose whatever you're comfortable with. I will adjust to whatever you are comfortable with and can incorporate styles of bodywork that allow me to work through clothing if that is what you prefer.